Cake Tastings


For some couples, obsessing over the details of their upcoming wedding festivities is part of the fun of getting married. For others, it is highly stressful and they just wish that every thing could be simpler.  If you are working with a baker, bakery, or wedding planner that you are comfortable with, and you have an idea of what you want, you can just order your cake and happily leave worrying over the details to someone else.  This is the approach that we take with our pre-designed wedding packages at The Morning Star. Select from our choices and let us take care of the rest. No worries. It will be delicious.

However, if you are looking for something unusual but don’t know what flavor cake, fillings or frostings you want, you may need to schedule a cake tasting appointment to help you decide. You can request that your baker or bakery prepare several small samples for you to try.  If you are scheduling a cake design consultation, your baker/bakery might offer a tasting at the same time.

If on the other hand, you know what you want for your wedding cake, but don’t know which baker or bakery to use, scheduling a tasting might help you nail down your decision.  Some bakers or bakeries will schedule a tasting appointment for a miniature preview of the cake, so that the couple can rest assured that their cake is going to look and taste delicious.  (The photo above is a mini-cake that I made so that a couple could preview their color scheme and taste the flavors they had chosen.)

Keep in mind, if you want a cake tasting, you must schedule an appointment in advance – one to two weeks, at least – with your baker or bakery. Bakers and bakeries charge a fee for this service, between $25 to $50 and will limit the number of people that you can bring to the tasting.  Larger bakeries do this on a regular basis and keep frozen cakes in the freezer for just this purpose.  A smaller bakery might have to bake just for the tasting.  If the cost of your cake meets a certain minimum, bakers/bakeries will often allow you to apply the cost of the tasting to the final order if the order is placed within a week.

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