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We love this trend and have noticed it too!

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Mr & Mrs wedding signs

It seems that anytime we meet new people in the wedding event industry, or just in general, once they discover that we are Wedding and Event planners by trade they always like to ask about the current trends.

There are so many different trends out there that it is really hard to specify just one.  However, in doing some thinking there is one trend that we see in almost every single wedding: signs, signs, and more signs.

Wedding Day Signs

We are not going to lie, we absolutely love this trend and are quite sign obsessed ourselves.  We always have an extra sign or ten on hand at every event we plan in case there just aren’t enough.

Truth be told, nine times out of ten we actually do need more signage.  It is human nature to wait to take action until we are told and something that we are taught very early…

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