Services Offered


Our experienced staff, directly or in coordination with our vendors, can provide a wide range of services and packages to help with any stage of your wedding from getting great proposal photos to day-after gift-opening reception.

• Proposal Packages

• Wedding Announcements & Invitations

• Bouquets, Boutonnieres, & Floral Arrangements

• Wedding Cakes

• Wedding Officiant

• Photography

• Hair, Make-up & Manicure

• Pre-designed Wedding Packages

• Custom Wedding Packages

• Wedding Planning

• Lodging

• Small Wedding Venue (up to 40 guests)

• Larger Wedding Venue (at other locations)

• Catering

• Evening-Before Cocktail Party

• Rehearsal Dinner

• Morning-Of Meditation & Relaxation Session

• Day-Of Brunch

• Horse and Carriage Rides

• Trolley Rides

• Day-After Gift-Opening Reception

• Couple’s Massages

• Gift Baskets

Comments are welcome!

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